Newsletter from NJ Secretary of Higher Education: $180 Million for Higher Education Facilities Made Available Today

Monday, Nov 16, 2015
by Rochelle Hendricks, NJ Secretary of Higher Education

Today, I am announcing a second round of higher education construction funding, making $180 million available to build, repair and update critically needed academic facilities for our State's colleges and universities. Institutions are invited to compete for the funding by submitting grant applications that can be found here. 

I am pleased that the State is renewing its commitment to higher education, to ensure that students will enjoy new and improved facilities for years to come. Our goal is provide our world-class students and faculty with facilities and laboratories that they deserve! 

Articles of interest in the newsletter include:

* Drew University's William Campbell wins Nobel Prize in Medicine

* Princeton University's Angus Deaton receives Nobel Prize in Economics 

*Rowan University to offer money-saving, time-saving 3-year degrees

* William Paterson University receives more than $3 million for urban education, STEM projects

* Rutgers scientist with autism uses own experience to investigate disorder in the lab

Read the full Newsletter of the NJ Secretary of Higher Education.