Hold your Temper! Celebrating the Science of Chocolate

Join Prof. Howard Stone, Prof. Bonnie Bassler and our team to learn more about the science behind chocolate! Where does chocolate come from? What makes a chocolate bar smooth and creamy? Come and learn about amphiphilic and hydrophobic materials in this family-friendly science show at Princeton University. The event will take place in McDonell Hall A02 on Saturday, December 9. There will be two shows, one at 10am and one at 1pm. TICKETS ARE FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC.

Economic Reality: Are We Already Paying for Climate Change?

Peter Hoeppe, Head of Geo Risks Research/Corporate Climate Centre at reinsurance giant Munich Re, will present "Economic Reality: Are We Already Paying for Climate Change? For decades, the insurance industry has collected data that show increasing financial losses from events linked to climate change. Hoeppe will discuss how insurers use loss trends to calculate what climate change costs our society now.

Benjamin Grosvenor, Piano

Just past his 24th birthday, Benjamin Grosvenor is quickly becoming one of the world's most decorated young pianists. When he signed to Decca Records in 2011, he became the youngest British musician ever to do so, and since then he has appeared with dozens of major orchestras on five continents.

Remembering Langston Hughes: His Art, Life and Legacy Fifty Years Later

November 10th-11th Princeton hosts ‘Remembering Langston Hughes: His Art, Life and Legacy Fifty Years Later.’ The influential African American poet passed away in May 1967, and Professor Wallace Best, Professor of Religion and African American Studies, has planned this conference to commemorate his works. The conference is free and open to the public - please register on the conference website:


Before becoming president, Donald Trump asserted that he "would get China to make that guy [North Korean leader Kim Jong Un] disappear in one form or another very quickly." However, a wide variety of new archival sources and high-quality secondary scholarship from around the world suggest that, at least during the Cold War, Beijing's attempts to interfere in North Korean elite politics proved surprisingly ineffective.

Michèle Flournoy, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Center for a New American Security; former Under Secretary of Defense for Policy, U.S. Department of Defense

Flournoy will be joined in conversation with Barton Gellman '82, lecturer at the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs and Author in Residence at the Center for International Security Studies. Flournoy is visiting as a Joseph S. Nye Jr. '58 International Affairs Lecturer.


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